Pre Conference Questions

  1. (1a) How do the lesson concepts fit within the scope of the discipline?
  2. (1b) How do you become familiar with the diversity (culture, learning styles, interest, special needs, etc.) of students in your class?

How do you use knowledge of the diversity in your classroom in planning instruction for students to be successful in reaching the learning goal(s) of the lesson?

  1. (1c) How does your lesson objective connect to prior lessons and future learning expectations?
  2. (1c) What do you want students to know and be able to do as a result of this lesson?
  3. (1d) What resources will you utilize to enhance this lesson? How will these instructional resources help you achieve the learning goals for the     lesson?
  4. (1e) Describe the structure of your lesson.  How do you use the materials, methods, and activities to differentiate instruction for students to achieve the learning outcomes?

How will you actively engage ALL students in the learning process?

Describe and explain the various groupings of students throughout the lesson.

  1. (1f) What methods of assessment (formative/summative) will you use to determine whether ALL students have mastered the learning goals?

How will you use assessment data to plan for future instruction?

  1. Is there anything else I need to know about the lesson?


Formative Evaluation/ Self-Assessment


Post Conference Questions

  1. How would you describe today’s lesson?
  2. (4a) What evidence is there that students did or did not learn the goals of the lesson?
  3. (4a) What do samples of student work show about students’ levels of engagement and understanding during the lesson?
  4. (4a) If you had the opportunity to work with the same students on this lesson again, what would you do the same? What would you do differently?
  5. (4b) Please share your system for recording student assessment results.
  6. (4b) Describe the system you have established to maintain your records of formative and summative assessments.
  7. (4b/4c) How do you provide feedback on assessments for students and/or families? Share your record system to support that feedback.
  8. (4b) What role do your students have in maintaining their own records of learning? How do your students determine their learning status from records and communicate this to their families?
  9. (4c) How do you communicate with parents/guardians? How do they respond to your communications?
  10. (4c) How do you address the concerns of parents/guardians during the school year?
  11. (4c) Please describe the roles that families have in your classroom? What methods do you use to encourage family involvement?
  12. (4c) How do your students participate in conversations with their families and with you, e.g., student led conferences?
  13. (4d) How have you worked with colleagues on learning activities this year? Please describe some successes and areas for improvement for that collaboration.
  14. (4d) What influence has your professional learning experience had on your instruction this year? Describe some specific examples of change resulting from professional learning.


Professional Growth Plan




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Prezi Presentation

I decided to try out Prezi! I transferred my “Evolution of Country Music” project I did in Music Tech to a Prezi! It was very simple to use! I think I will use Prezi more often!


In this lesson the student will sing the song Hand Dance. They can take turns alternating between singing and doing hand motion, and playing the chords.


The student will watch a YouTube video of “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book then write a skit to correspond with the music. The students will be given their listening journals to write down ideas for a silent skit as they listen to the song. They will then be broken up into groups of 4 or 5. The groups will get 10 minutes to discuss and run through their skits. Then each group will have the opportunity to act out their silent skit to the music. The student will be asked to consider things like dynamics, tempo, instruments used, and lyrics when creating their skits!

Video link:



The student will play the son DumDitty on the recorder.

This song is a simple three note round. The students will be slit up into three sections and given time to practice on their own. Then the students will get to play the melody all together once before breaking it up into the round.


The student will draw a picture of animals with instruments.

The student will be asked to chose their favorite instrument and they’re favorite animal. They will then draw a picture of their favorite instrument and animal. They can use whatever colors they wish. The key to this is for them to be creative and use their imagination.